Solar powered water pump

Solar pumping system consists of a solar pumping inverter, a pump and a solar array. System is designed to utilize cost effective water storage mechanism instead of costly electricity storage. The big power range solar pumping system operation is reliable. The system drives the pump directly without battery. It can reduce the construction, operation and maintenance costs dramatically.


Solar pumping system is perfectly suitable for remote areas with no access to electricity. Using solar technology to supply the electricity saves a lots of investment comparing to setting up long distance grid network, also reduces the operation and maintenance costs comparing to using diesel generator in over 3 years. Stable water supply can promote agriculture and forestry output and improve environment and living standards, which helps to build a harmonious society.


Operation Condidtions and Standard

Capacity: Up to 1400 m3/day

Head: Up to 290m

Solar Radiation: 6kWh/m3/day


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