GK chrome solar coating

Solar thermal collectors use energy from the sun to generate heat for heating and hot water. Thisenergy is free, environmentally friendly and reliable. The heart of flat-plate, air and evacuated-tube and concentrating collectors is the absorber coating. It collects the energy in sunlight and converts it into heat.


GK chrome solar coating has two kinds of substrates for you to choose,copper and aluminum.The chrome coating consists of an initial layer of (copper),nickel and a final layer of black chromium, continuously electroplated on the substrate.The continuous coil coating lines ensure excellent uniform optical properties and a homogenous dark black color



Flat plate solar collector

Solar air collector

Vacuum tube solar collector (CPC Compound Parabolic Concentrator)

micro parabolic trough (CST Concentrated Solar Thermal)

Solar cooker



The durability of GK chrome solar coating is unsurpassed. The composition of the coating and its components - nickel, chromium and chromium oxide - are very stable materials and are responsible for its corrosion resistance. The chromium oxide forms its own protective layer with a surface chemistry similar to stainless steel.

The nickel underlay performs the dual role of aging and degradation protection of the black chrome solar coating as well as protecting the copper sheet from corrosion. This protective nickel underlay is 15 to 25 times thicker than the complete thickness of most vacuum coatings.This superior durability gives our customers the security of a trouble free coating under all climate conditions and harsh environments where other coatings fail.

Environmental Responsible:

Unlike newer sputter coating technologies, GK chrome solar coating uses a traditional wet chemical galvanic process. Much has been said about the inherent environmental disadvantages of these types of processes as compared to newer sputter technology.However, we operates a fully permitted environmentally responsible facility. State of the art air and water discharge control devices ensure that our process causes no pollution or damage to the environment.All by-products from the process are 100% recycled.


Cutting and Packaging:

GK chrome absorber coating can be tailored exactly to customer needs with precision cutting facilities To protect the coating, the substrates are supplied with protective foil or paper layer.



The high quality and durability of GK chrome solar coating enables us to offer our customers a limited 10-year warranty

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