GK titanium solar coating

Solar thermal collectors use energy from the sun to generate heat for heating and hot water. This energy is free, environmentally friendly and reliable. The heart of flat-plate, air and evacuated-tube and concentrating collectors is the absorber coating. It collects the energy in sunlight and converts it into heat.


GK titanium solar absorber coating are continuously produced in a PVD-process. This achieves 95% absorption and at the same time, a low emission of not more than 5%.So it is the best choice for collector manufacturers who wish to guarantee their customers the highest output even when less sunlight is available.

Available in a wide array of colours, GK titanium solar absorber coating is therefore perfect for clients who desire to match it aesthetically with their building.

Layer System:

GK titanium solar absorber coating consist of a number of layers, carefully designed to work together. The substrate material is a highly infrared-reflective metal sheet that conducts heat well. A diffusion barrier is applied to the adhesive layer. This prevents metal atoms from entering the absorber layer at high temperatures and changing the optical properties. This is followed by the absorber layer consisting of a multilayer cermet structure. Finally, the top layer is an anti-refl ective, protective layer made of fused quartz. This material is extremely hard and also scratch-resistant. The absorber is therefore very well protected from damage during handling. By minimising surface reflection, the absorption of solar radiation is further optimized.


Flat plate solar collector

Solar air collector

Vacuum tube solar collector (CPC Compound Parabolic Concentrator)

micro parabolic trough (CST Concentrated Solar Thermal)

Solar cooker


Cutting and Packaging

GK titanium absorber coating can be tailored exactly to customer needs with precision cutting facilities To protect the coating, the substrates are supplied with protective foil. 


Guarantee and Certificates

We offers a 10-year guarantee on the performance of GK titanium solar absorber coating.And it has a certificate of approval from the following institute:Institute of Solar Technology, Rapperswill College (SPF).Besides,we also fulfills the quality standards required for compliance with ISO 9001:2008;Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety management standard OHSAS 18001

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