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GK INTL located in Changsha,Hunan, is a leading supplier of excellent wear solutions to fight against impact & abrasion challenges.Established in 1984,we  strive to provide  superior customer service, on-time delivery and competitively-priced products for our customers all over the world.


GK Wear Parts

Available in a wide array of shapes and sizes,GK Wear Parts feature a laminated bi-metallic combination of high chromium white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate.The white iron has a minimum hardness of 700 Brinell(63Rc) achieving maximum protection and wear life for your equipment while the mild steel absorbs high impact and facilitates ease of fitting and use.



GK wear parts have a variety of applications in buckets(excavator,loader,dragline,face shovel),crusher spider arm guards,feed and discharge chutes,rock boxes,feeder grizzly bars,shredder and grinding mills,sugar cane knife edges,adaptors/attachment protection,dredging equipemnt,screen-feed distribution, hopper wear areas or any other equipment exposed to abrasive wear.In addtion,GK wear parts can be custom-designed to your particular application.GK Wear Parts are designed to work in the ruggedest impact and abrasion  environment to reduce down time, maintenance cost and increase production.


Quality Control

All GK Wear Parts will go though chemical, microstructure, visual, hardness, ultrasonic, and destructive examinations.



Ultrasonic flaw detector                                           Rockwell hardness tester                         Swing impact tester

(product internal defect detection)                         (casting hardness testing)          (casting sample shock value detection)


Metallographic phase electron microscope           Abrasive wear tester                         Desktop direct reading spectrometer

(casting metallographic phase                             (casting wearing detection)                (product composition detection)

microstructure morphology detection)             

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